HangZhou Civil Affairs Bureau is in charge of the social composition of the city government's administrative departments. Affairs Bureau has categories of work, compared with the heavy task, covering a wide range of work, divided into five general system of a total of 25 categories. First, the social assistance system, including the minimum living assistance, help people in poor assistance, regular donations, disaster assistance etc; Second, the social organization and management systems, including urban and rural community development, rural grassroots organizations, social (civil) Organization Registration etc; Third, the double-support special care and placement system, including the double-support, the special care and praise the martyrs, the resettlement of demobilized soldiers, the resettlement of retired cadres, the military for transit, etc; Fourth, the social welfare system, including old age welfare, children welfare , the production of welfare, charitable and welfare lottery issuance, etc; Fifth, the management of public affairs, including the management of the burial, marriage registration, registration of adoption, the adjustment of administrative divisions, geographical names, vagrants and beggars relief, resettlement and support and so on.